A docker-compose file for a quasselcore instance that uses an existing traefik instance for cert retrieval
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Quasselcore works best with a real certificate. But if you have, like I have, a traefik instance running, you should obtain your certificates from that instance. The combination of services in this docker-compose file ensures this.


Very simple. Just fetch the docker-compose file and add your hostname (QUASSEL_HOSTNAME) to a local .env file:

$ echo "QUASSEL_HOSTNAME=example.local" > .env

Best then to check if everything is okay:

$ docker-compose config -q && echo "Everything is fine."
Everything is fine.

Then fire it up:

$ docker-compose up -d
Creating quasselcore_echo_1 ... done
Creating quasselcore_certdumper_1 ... done
Creating quassel-core             ... done